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Our catalogue has hundreds of top quality performers
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Childrens Entertainers, Classical Performers, Magicians,
Vocalists, Comedians, Pianists & Speciality Acts and more.
With Boogieland, you can browse our entertainer catalogue and
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Disco Music & Karaoke Tracks
We have an extensive database of music based on the UK top 40 charts from 1952 to the present plus many others from other sources. We have lists of many of the karaoke tracks found at karaoke venues so you can browse the "Karaoke Books" online. On confirmation of your function you can design a music / Karaoke playlist in your personal customer account.
All Boogieland DJs have the Online playlist creator system.

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Customer Comments
Just wanted to say thanks for all you did for us over the christmas period. We have had so much good feed back on our party nights and especially new year.
I look forward to working with you a lot more in the future

We were very impressed with the DJ, he played exactly what we wanted and was friendly and approachable. I thought the option to choose my songs on the web site was very helpful and an excellent idea
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Mobile Disco, DJs & Karaoke in Wetherby
All Boogieland mobile DJs use the latest high quality equipment & offer quality entertainment at very competitive rates. Once your booking is confirmed, you can use the Online Disco Party Playlist Creator to get the best music for your occasion. Pop, Rock, Dance, Rock + Roll, R + B, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2K, Chart, Ballads, Ballroom etc are all available. Your DJ will also have all the music you will need for requests at the function.
Weddings, Corporate Functions, Anniversaries, Christmas Parties, Birthdays, Theme Nights, Retirements, Children's Parties. Entertainers for all occasions. Create your own Disco Party Playlist in your personal online Boogieland
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