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Coronavirus Information


Can I cancel or move my booking?

You can cancel or move if:

(1) The ban on social events affects your booking

(2) Your venue will be closed on your event date

(3) You become ill with COVID-19

(4) A third party event organiser cancels your event

This is classed as 'Force Majeure’ and you would not have to pay any cancellation fees to the entertainer as neither you nor the artist would be able to fulfil the contract.

Booking fees are not refundable.

Moving to another date

Many entertainers are agreeing to book alternative dates rather than cancelling. Wherever possible, your booking fee will transfer to the new date.

You can contact your entertainer directly from your account if you have to cancel or rearrange your booking.

What if I’m forced to cancel for another reason?

If your cancellation does not fall under the terms of force majeure, entertainers may pursue cancellation fees.