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Comedy Hypnotist #2269 ImageThis amazing Stage Hypnotist's entertaining career has spanned over twenty five years and during that time he has hypnotised many thousands of stars w - Based in Cheshire #2269
Comedy Hypnotist #3549 ImageOutrageously funny comedy stage hypnotic show. Established stage hypnotist who can tailor his show to meet your requirements. Based in Grimsby and m - Based in Lincolnshire #3549
Comedy Hypnotist #2262 ImageThe show is a fun, hilarious, audience participation program that is designed to make members of the audience become the stars of the show. Contempora - Based in Nottinghamshire #2262
Comedy Hypnotist #3833 ImageWant to be amazed by your friends and laugh until your sides ache? This professional, funny, fast and highly original comedy stage hypnotist will ast - Based in Staffordshire #3833
Comedy Hypnotist #1863 ImageCOMEDY STAGE HYPNOTIC SHOW So what can you say about an entertainer who puts some of his audience members to SLEEP? This charismatic performer wi - Based in Angus #1863
Comedy Hypnotist #1296 Image(from a 1 hour cabaret type show to a full evenings entertainment with comedy vocals and self contained disco) Based in Northern Ireland and Costa Bla - Based in County Down #1296
Comedy Hypnotist #1913 ImageOutrageously Funny Comedy Stage Hypnotist. Each Performance is Unique & Memorable. No Special Requirements, Any Audience Size, No Stage, No Props! - Based in Bristol #1913
Comedy Hypnotist #917 ImageHypnotic entertainer. Performing since 1993. Very experienced. Self-contained road-show. - Based in Bristol #917
Comedy Hypnotist #3392 ImageOutrageously funny show from one of the most experienced and longest running hypnotists in the country. He has been around for a long time but his sho - Based in Buckinghamshire #3392
Comedy Hypnotist #3911 ImageOne of the U.K.'s Funniest Hypnotists on the circuit who will make your event the talk of the town. He's Hypnosis shows tailored to suit all audiences - Based in Cleveland #3911
Comedy Hypnotist #736 ImageMAGICIAN, MIND READER & PSYCHIC ENTERTAINER. Unusual, Uncanny and Unearthly Entertainment Private Function and Corporate Events - Based in Cornwall #736
Comedy Hypnotist #3395 ImageFemale Stage Hypnotist for any event. Only volunteers aged 18 and over. You will have the time of your lives watching this unique show. - Based in Devon #3395
Comedy Hypnotist #2299 ImageCOMEDY STAGE HYPNOTIST If you want your party, event or venue to be talked about for a long time then look no further than the amazing hypnotic wor - Based in Durham #2299
Comedy Hypnotist #2384 ImageOutrageous Comedy Stage Hypnotist, Available for Family and Over 18's show. Just starting Filming for a series on TV about hypnosis and is in the pla - Based in East Sussex #2384
Comedy Hypnotist #2633 ImageOne of the UK’s most versatile and universally appealing entertainers, this Hypnotist will make your event unforgettable with his special blend of com - Based in Greater London #2633
Comedy Hypnotist #206 ImageThe unique appeal of the Comedy Hypnotic Stage Show, combined with extraordinary World of Mind Reading and Mind Control makes for an evening of Mind B - Based in Greater London #206
Comedy Hypnotist #3279 ImageA Derren Brown style Mind Reader as well, he remixes reality as we know it. Hypnotised, the volunteer’s imagination is unlocked; fantasy becomes reali - Based in Greater London #3279
Comedy Hypnotist #2795 ImageThe first UK hypnotist to perform as a headliner on the Las Vegas strip. Performing over 200 performances a year. - Based in Greater London #2795
Comedy Hypnotist #1764 ImageThis stage hypnotist uses very advanced psychological techniques in order to take members of his audience on a trip into his hypnotic world. He perfor - Based in Hampshire #1764
Comedy Hypnotist #802 ImageStage hypnotism has always been predominated by MEN! Nothing wrong with that eh? However, watch out guys beacuse THERE'S A LADY ON THE BLOCK!! - Based in Humberside #802
Comedy Hypnotist #665 ImageAre you looking for something truly different for your event? If you want your event or venue to be talked about for a long time then look no further - Based in Humberside #665
Comedy Hypnotist #3742 ImageExperienced FAST and HILARIOUS Comedy Hypnotist who Captures your Mind and takes you on an unforgettable journey of Laughter. - Based in Lancashire #3742
Comedy Hypnotist #2737 ImageThe Hypnotic Show is an action packed show that has the audience in stitches with the exciting and fun effects of hypnosis. - Based in Lancashire #2737
Comedy Hypnotist #1622 ImageA professional Stage Hypnotist for the past seventeen years, he will tailor a show especially for your event . Member of Equity and Fesh The Federatio - Based in Lincolnshire #1622
Comedy Hypnotist #363 ImageThe UK`s first outrageous comedy hypnotist. A record holder with 18 years at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. The only hypnotist to sell out completely 1200 - Based in North Yorkshire #363
Comedy Hypnotist #3843 ImageOne of the UK's best Comedy Stage Hypnotists performing today. Fast paced and hilariously funny, the one your guests will be talking about for years t - Based in Northumberland #3843
Comedy Hypnotist #178 ImageThis superb entertainer is one of the UK's leading Hypnotists and Mind Readers. You will not believe your senses as he takes you on a journey into the - Based in South Yorkshire #178
Comedy Hypnotist #1806 ImageIf you need to book a stage hypnotist show for any venue in the UK or internationally this Hypnotic Experience should be your first choice in providin - Based in Tyne and Wear #1806
Comedy Hypnotist #298 ImageFast and funny comedy stage hypnotist show and also seperate mindreading show. He is one of the leading comedy stage hypnotists in the UK with oner 17 - Based in Tyne and Wear #298
Comedy Hypnotist #365 ImageA professional comedy hypnotist. He knows what he's doing and how to do it for maximum entertainment! Combining his incredible, fast hypnotic powers - Based in Tyne and Wear #365
Comedy Hypnotist #759 ImageA highly trained Comedy Stage Hypnotist & Hypnotherapist, he has successfully helped people with all kinds of problems, stresses and phobias, as well - Based in Tyne and Wear #759
Comedy Hypnotist #1321 ImageA Comedy stage hypnotist that offers a fast paced, roller coaster of a modern stage hypnotist show that will have audiences from all walks of life lau - Based in West Yorkshire #1321
Comedy Hypnotist #3576 ImageFemale Comedy Stage Hypnotist trained in the UK and in Las Vegas. I offer a woman's touch to your hypnosis show, as us girls can go places with humou - Based in West Yorkshire #3576
Comedy Hypnotist #1102 ImageHypnotist "The Master Of Mind Magic" As seen On Sky One, ITV & jumpoff Tv. Whether You Want Homely Fun For Family Audiences Or Outrageous Adult Ori - Based in Wiltshire #1102
Comedy Hypnotist #1938 ImageSTARE IF YOU DARE comedy hypnosis show is fast paced, professional, slick and masterfull. This amazing and mature entertainer is a ' household' name - Based in County Down #1938
Comedy Hypnotist #3716 ImageWhy not laugh the night away and embrace to be amazed by this popular international comedy hypnotist. Hitting the UK by storm after performing in Sout - Based in Glasgow #3716
Comedy Hypnotist #3235 ImageStage comedy hypnosis is entertainment of the highest order when performed by a highly experienced hypnotist - Based in Glasgow #3235
Comedy Hypnotist #3213 ImageFar from being your normal run of the mill Hypnotist . . . . . Some will call it outrageous & wild, Some will call it rib hurting others just cant spe - Based in Carmarthenshire #3213
Comedy Hypnotist #1920 ImageHypnosis Shows tailored to suit all audiences. Ideal for private parties, corporate and social-club functions, clubs, pubs, christmas party, cabaret, - Based in Ceredigion #1920
Comedy Hypnotist #2410 Imagecomedy stage hypnosis, fun packed performance in which volunteers enjoy an experience of a lifetime just as much as the audience... and where everyone - Based in Glamorgan #2410
Comedy Hypnotist #167 ImagePossibly the UK's number 1 Comedy Stage Hypnotist. This hypnosis comedy show is the best around being clean and humorous without being blue. - Based in Glamorgan #167